Legal Discussion

Insider Researcher asked the following:

“Would you consider a new topic were we can discuss some of the pending litigation, the status of the case, and what it means to us as investors? Even discussing the closed cases, like Alegria/Grassi can help to uncover the truth or get a better understanding of how the Ng family and their attorneys operate.”

The answer is a resounding “yes”.

We’ll kick things off with a few updates.  First, it appears as though Dwight Dixon Collins and Kathleen D. Collins have sued Walter, Kelly, Bruce, RE Loans, Armanino McKenna, Greenberg Traurig and Elizabeth Cobey, an attorney at Greenberg.  Noticeably absent from the list is everyone’s favorite villain.  Secondly, down south in Reno, the Debtors (Team Barney) failed to appear on the 25th, so the case has been continued until November 15th.  Lastly, Judge Zive denied the application to approve the Kelly Law Group and Matthew Kelly as Special Corporate Counsel.

So let’s discuss.  Have at it….

28 thoughts on “Legal Discussion

  1. If someone does have copies of “Researcher’s” posts, please share them here vs. sending them to one individual. We could all benefit from them.

  2. Come on gang, it’s obvious. “Researcher” has likely been hijacked and his postings pulled by the people we thought were our friends at Lafayette Circle. The people we trusted for years with our investments, dined yearly with enjoying greasy, asian cuisine and listened to their sermons of “safety, security and no losses” are now scrambling to remove and silence anyone with knowledge of their greed, corruption and stupidity. Researcher is gone and I fear “John Robie” may soon suffer the same fate. I hope NOT and will do everything in my power to make sure this does not happen.

    While I – like all of you, have enjoyed Researcher’s incredibly informative and insightful posts, I strongly feel it would be unfair for someone else to copy and paste them under their username. This could be harmful to Researcher and his family. Instead, let’s work together to expose the real story about REL. “John Robie” started this great blog ( Now, let’s get out there and pass this it along. There are 1000+ investors and it’s going to take all of us. We all have misleadNg stories from people at REL. The information and details about lawsuits against REL can be found by searching the internet. If there is a related trial, real estate auction, foreclosure proceeding, etc. in your area, go to it. Bring a camera and everything you need to document and post what you find. We can’t count on Researcher and Robie to carry us. Let’s join forces to make truth and justice prevail.

  3. Did Bruce Horwitz and Barney settle their $1 million dispute out of court? I just looked at the Contra Costa County website and it looks like on 1/25/11 the “entire action was dismissed without prejudice”.

    • Greenberg & Traurig one time connected to dirty, convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff serving time for his crimes.

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