Kelly Ng’s New Business Partner

William H. (Bill) Bachrach has joined forces with volleyball coach extraordinaire Kelly Ng.  Their new business, called Lend, Inc. was brought to our attention by new poster Lu.  Thank you, Lu.  Whether Bachrach is involved or simply just Kelly’s legal agent, it’s still a newsworthy development. 

Bachrach’s firm provides legal services “including Estate Planning and Probate, Domestic Relations including dissolution of marriage and child custody, as well Business Matters and Civil Litigation.”

Question for the blog readers:  Should investors in the Bar-K family of funds be concerned about this new development or thrilled?  Please share your opinions.


9 thoughts on “Kelly Ng’s New Business Partner

  1. Lend Inc is a California corporation which holds real estate license no. 01889764, effective 10/6/2010. The designated officer is Kelly Ng.Lend Inc is probably the successor to Bar-K.

    • The blue underlined text in the main post are links you know. John provided all the info you just reposted.

  2. High Desert

    Sorry, I was doing the research on attorney Bachrach without first reviwing the blog.

    I ducplicated John’s work.

  3. You guys are really going to love this.

    Bachrach is defending Horwitz in the McGuire case.

    He is also a creditor, investor in RE Loans.

    Brower could have designated him as a witness and had his removed from the case.
    He probably didn’t want to do this because Bachrach is not a strong opponent and
    does not have very good trial skills.

    His co-counsel is even worse,Sivan Butler-Rotholz.

    He is going call as his final witness on Monday his business partner Kelly Ng.

    Can this case get any weirder?

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